Entry #1

Please feed back and share my music , thanks for the support

2012-11-10 11:09:52 by SexyDropbear96

Check out my SOUND CLOUD FOR MUSIC!!!!!!1


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2012-11-10 11:17:12

2 songs a day is a tad bit spammy mate.

Aim for 3 a week. You want to keep fans interested but at the same time excited for the next release.

I'll have a listen anyway.

SexyDropbear96 responds:

Ok im thinking on 4 songs a weak seems like i need time to make music xD


2012-11-12 20:05:42

How do you make 2 songs a day?

SexyDropbear96 responds:

I make music when i have time ( a person with no life ) i finish one song at 7 hours some good songs take days but when ever i can , i made music before and im posting them here to share it


2012-11-13 18:02:14

Heyy man, could you make a verry bassheavy dubstep song for me. And have the quote ( 1 shot 1kill ) In there, my cousen is a sniper in the army and we love dubstep. He's comeing over this week for turky day. It would be greatly appreciated.
Your BFF: BuckenDJ

SexyDropbear96 responds:



2013-01-30 03:39:22

Aim for a song every two weeks. Quality over Quantity.

That said, you should produce as fast as you can if it makes you happy. Your last few songs have been really good, and you deserve more attention for it.


2013-02-16 12:43:42

I come check your page everyday and... ; - ; Nuthen new


2013-02-16 20:18:48

I'm typically not that big a fan of this genre but you do it right, congrats.